Blake Thomas, Piercer Biography

My name is Blake Thomas, I am a Body Piercer at The Hole Look in Anchorage Alaska. I have been working in the tattoo and body piercing industry since 2001, and I have been piercing since 2002. I currently manage The Hole Look body art studio and have been doing so since 2007.

Although I served an 18 month apprenticeship, and have performed thousands of body piercings over the years, I still try to educate myself further in every aspect of this industry. Tattoo and body piercing technology is constantly evolving, whether it is the introduction of new products, new techniques, or new super-bugs, and I feel it is my responsibility to learn about each of them and educate my clientele as well. My goal with all of my clients is to give them the best body piercing experience possible in a clean safe environment, with all of the appropriate follow up care.

There are many things I love about my career in the tattoo and body piercing industry. The best part about it is that every day I get to meet new people, and establish long lasting, professional relationship with my clients. I look forward to serving you, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me at the shop, or email me at